Thank You

Merry Christmas, everyone! Now that the halls have been decked, the presents have been unwrapped, we’ve spent time with our people, as we begin to get back in to the normal rhythms of daily life, I want to take a moment to say, “thank you.”

Our annual mug sales were a huge success, again! We’ve sold out again this year raising over $15,000 for International Justice MissionThat’s incredible. $15,000 means a year of after care services for widows and orphans. $15,000 means fewer women and children are living in fear of losing their homes and/or their lives. $15,000 dollars also means training for 150 police officers, strengthening the justice system in Uganda! I’m so thankful for our partnership with IJM and the work they’re doing. God is moving in big ways and we get to be a part of it.

You’ve given the gift of hope, progress and change this holiday season. Thank you.

I also want to thank our volunteers. None of this could have been done without the help of our amazing volunteers. It takes a ton of planning, hands and preparation to get ready for these weekends. Thank you for your time, your willingness to serve and your great attitudes. Thank you for your help over that last three weeks. I am so thankful for the team of volunteers behind me.

It’s been an amazing year in Missions. We’ve seen God move in incredible ways. I can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store for us! So grateful to be in this with you!


Lisa Adams
Director of Missions


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