La Mesa

There are a team of people heading to Mexico with Serve His Kids this week. They will be staying at an orphanage, working alongside volunteers and kids, and learning some more about Jesus and why we GO.  One of the more powerful times during this mission trip (and other mission trips) is the time spent around a table.  It’s a powerful time for many reasons.  Sometimes, it’s because the experience of eating with children who don’t live with their parents makes you see your table differently. Sometimes, it’s because you pull up to the table to help a child with school work and you realize the gift of a public education.  And sometimes, it’s because you sit at the table and the simple small act of being together, being in community with others, fills a space in your heart.  The table is where many of us begin to meet Jesus.  Will you join me in praying for this team as they journey across the border and gather at a new table this week?

Also, I’m really excited to be a part of our Women’s Ministry event that is coming up, called The Table!  Now the men had BBQ at their men’s event in January; I heard it involved meat sweats and Jesus. The Table that I’m talking about, is more about women and less about meat sweats. The women who are coming to The Table all come from different places. We’re young, old-ish or somewhere in between. We’re introverts, extroverts, strong, mild, and many other adjectives.  We’re single, married, mamas, aunts, sisters, and best friends. Our stories ebb and flow in different parts. Some of us have walked through and weathered incredible storms, living to tell about struggle and the restoration. Some of us are in the middle of storms, needing  relief, both of the laughing and crying varities. While others of us are in the best seasons of our lives and want to share that joy and come alongside others who need us.

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We’ll see you this weekend!


Lisa Adams
Director of  Missions