Of this I’m sure, #41years

I’m 41 today.  And it feels just like 41.  It’s not the new 31, and it’s certainly not over the hill.  It’s 41.  And it’s good. I don’t make a lot of lists, but I was thinking about what I’m sure of now that I’m 41 and it led me to the following:

  1. Hard work doesn’t mean success. It means you’ve worked hard.  It does not make you better than or less than. It simply means you are a hard worker.
  2. While the 40’s is pretty great, you don’t necessarily know who you are or what your career path will look like.
  3. Even though you might not know who you are or what you should do with your career, you aren’t afraid to find out and try. #carpediem
  4. Joy is a choice. Sometimes the hardest choice, but you can choose it every day.
  5. Being humbled is the surest way to find humility.
  6. Jesus wasn’t kidding when he said we need to love everyone. If someone can’t love you, that’s between them and Jesus.  Your job is to love them anyways.
  7. Forgiveness is hard work. It’s sometimes daily, and sometimes you have to fake it til you make it.  But you will make it. And it will look SO good on you.
  8. Social media is not a reflection of real life. For real. People hide the deepest hurts and darkest secrets. They will never show up as a status.   People don’t post about affairs, DWI’s, addictions that are destroying everything, or how they embezzeled from their employer. They will however tell you what they are eating for lunch.
  9. If you don’t know your worth, you haven’t spent enough time with Jesus. Knowing how much you are worth will help you make all the best decisions. This world does not know how much you are worth and it can not tell you; this world will eat you up and spit you out.  Jesus though, He is the real deal.  You are worth everything.
  10. Laughter is the best way to heal. It dissipates anger and lets love in.   Surround yourself with people who not only make you laugh, but encourage you to laugh at yourself.  And then throw your head back and laugh until you pee. If I’ve learned anything in the last 41 years, I’ve learned to be prepared to laugh until I pee.  #pantylinersafterbabies

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