Prayer Matters

I returned home from the Global Prayer Gathering (GPG) in Washington DC this past week.  Spending time withInternational Justice Mission (IJM) reminds me how God is moving all over the world in every hidden and small space.  This year, the focus was on how our prayers matter. Indulge me for a moment to share some quotes that I heard during the GPG:

  • “Faith is fear that has said its’ prayers.”  Brenda Salter McNeil
  • “God can do ALL on His own. But God chooses NOT to do on his own. He unleashes His power into the world through our asking.” Gary Haugen
  • “To pray is to trust him as you may and He will reward you that you would trust him more.”  Amy Carmichael
  • “Jesus, if you change people as they say, change me.” First prayer of a former slave who is now working for IJM
  • “I want to be beautiful again. I want to regain all I’ve lost.” Prayer of a rescued trafficking survivor
  • “I tell you these things so that you would always pray and NEVER GIVE UP.” Jesus

I spent time in prayer for many different countries and different forms of injustice and I was struck at how often I forget how powerful prayer is. I think that the discipline of praying and building our relationship with God is one of the hardest things to learn because it’s something that can be faked and simply cannot be taught. We have to just do it.  We have to practice it. And for each one of us, it looks completely different.   The only way to figure it out is by doing it.

My time spent at the GPG encourages me to pray more passionately, more frequently and with expectation.  I begin to see that God answers prayers in the most incredible and huge ways.  Like this:

  • In Uganda, there are now 11 police stations in IJM’s project area that have been trained and resourced by IJM so that they no longer see property grabbing as a “family matter” and are recognizing it’s devastating impact.
  • In Guatemala, IJM is partnering with government official in a historic initiative that allows IJM to train national police on protecting children from sexual assault.
  • In South Asia, in 2014, IJM helped rescue 512 slaves in their largest operation to date.  Govenrment officials are frequently investigating and prosecuting cases of slavery on their own.
  • In Cambodia, after 10 years of IJM working there, IJM has trained thousands of local authorities in the fight against sex trafficking and, after a decade of work, it’s very difficult to find children in the commercial sex establishments – less than 1 percent in most places.

There is still so much work to be done in the world.  And our personal relationship with God can always use some more time and attention.   If you are interested in praying with and for IJM, I have 2 links below that you can explore:

 A guided prayer time

View the GPG online with On Demand Videos

And, if there is any way that I can help you in any part of your journey, please let me know!

Lisa Adams,
Director of Missions


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