Sunday Is Coming

It’s almost Easter, and that means, at Crossroads, things are busy. There are volunteer teams to be assembled, programs to be printed, cookie orders to be made, just to name a few things. All in preparation for the thousands of people we’ll see come through our doors over the Easter weekend.

While there is a buzz of prep going on, this is also a time when we find moments in our day to slow down and fix our eyes on Jesus. We pause to recognize the sacrifice, the grace, and the love that is exemplified in this week long journey to the empty tomb.

In Eagan this weekend, the children’s ministry will be kicking off Holy Week with a Palm Sunday Performance! They’ll be kicking off each service with worship to remind us that Jesus has come! They will also be hosting a Good Friday-Evening of Worship on April 3rd.

In Woodbury, we’ll be hosting a prayer walk on Monday, March 30 at 6:30pm. We’ll be praying throughout the church for the people that will be coming through our doors. Everyone is welcome to join us!

Life is busy, and crazy and complicated. Sometimes we have more questions than answers. Sometimes, God feels far away. Sometimes we get caught up in regular life. I just want to encourage you, where ever you find yourself in this Easter week, that you find some space to fix your eyes on Jesus. If that means inviting someone to a service, pulling out and reading your Bible, praying or reaching out to someone who’s been on your mind. Do it.  Because Sunday is coming, and the tomb is empty, and we all get to celebrate that!

We’ll see you this weekend!


Nicole Case
Web Administrator 


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